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Seth Mays


Seth Mays is a native Arkansan and, born in a Fort Smith hospital following a tornado, knows how to make an entrance. A graduate of Mansfield High School he attended Arkansas Tech University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and an Associate of Science in criminal justice.


While in his senior year of college Seth was named Political Director for Governor Asa Hutchinson's 2018 campaign for re-election, which resulted in the largest win percentage for a 4-year governor and the most counties won by a Republican nominee.


Following the 2018 cycle, Seth moved to Washington, DC to work for the Republican National Committee in local and national communications, where he interacted with media outlets across the nation.


He moved back to Arkansas to be Senior Political Director for the Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) during the 2020 election, where Arkansas Republicans won a majority of local races and a record number of state representatives and senators.


It was from there that he left the state party to join former RPA chairman Doyle Webb’s bid for lieutenant governor, and eventually join the team at JCD Consulting.


Seth is a former two-time State Chairman of the Arkansas Federation of College Republicans and a board member of the College Republican National Committee.


He currently lives in Little Rock, and is a native of Mansfield, AR.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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