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Growing Your Social Media Following

Social media is one of the quickest and best ways to interact with people from all over. It is the easiest way to get messages out to large groups and to advertise products. With so many people using social media, the biggest goal is to have a large amount of followers. This is specifically true when using Twitter or Instagram, which are two of the most used social media platforms at this time.

As someone who is hoping to grow awareness of themselves or their brand on social media, getting a good consistent growth of followers will help tremendously. Knowing how to improve your follower count will allow you to connect with a much broader audience.

6 tips to grow your social media following:

1. Be regular and consistent

You want to make sure that your posts are not getting lost in the millions of other posts. Make sure to post consistent content on a regular basis so that you can keep your message front and center to your followers.

2. Include social media follow buttons everywhere possible

It is a very good idea to put a social media follow button linked to your account on every page of your website and even in the signature of your emails.

3. Follow influencers and share their content

Staying up to date on current trends is one of the most important ways to gain followers on social media. Make sure you follow people within your industry that are considered influencers and share their content on your page.

4. Use Hashtags

This is essential to twitter. Using hashtags allows for people to find content on topics that interest them. Including hashtags in your posts will help people find your content when searching through similar posts. They can be used on other platforms as well. Just remember not to use too many!

5. Make sure you have a solid profile On social media platforms, your profile is what people see when they first go to your page. You want to make sure your username, bio, profile picture, cover photo, and title are all very interesting and appealing. Every field should be filled in on your profile and you should use keywords in your bio.

6. Optimize your content All of your posts go through a search engine just like everything on your blog, website, etc. Incorporating relevant keywords into your social media posts is a good way to gain traffic to your account, thus increasing your follower count.

Increasing your social media following can allow you to broaden your target audience and reach people you never thought possible. This task ties in a lot of what we shared about SEO and is a very simple task. By growing your followers you can market to more people in a much quicker and easier way.

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