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How to Get Better Results on Facebook Ads

For a lot of small businesses and campaigns in Arkansas trying to create brand awareness online, the idea of creating Facebook ads can be confusing and daunting. While Facebook has improved their ad manager interface to make it easier to understand, Facebook advertising can be puzzling when you haven’t done so before. One mistake could cause you to waste a significant chunk of your ad budget.

With more than 2.37 billion monthly active Facebook users, it’s safe to say facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Using a few of these tips will allow you to get better results from your facebook ads, so you can improve your performance online, and ultimately retain more customers.

Customer Lists

If your business regularly uses email or direct mail to communicate with your customers, you can also use this list to target those same customers online with your facebook ads. You can create a custom audience by uploading your customer lists on facebook. This allows you to reach your existing users already doing business with you.

Targeting Lookalike Audiences

If you are trying to expand your customer base, lookalike audiences can be one of the most efficient ways to do so. Finding a lookalike audience allows you to build from a previous target audience. Once you have your source audience, Facebook then finds customers that are similar. This allows you to capture the most relevant customers in a new audience pool.

You can base lookalike audiences on your customer data lists or through behavioral and other demographics.

Video Ads

Video is continuing to grow. It’s no surprise that Facebook has a goal to surpass Youtube as a dominant digital video platform. Roughly 87% of marketers report using video. With that in mind, if you’re not using video as a component of your digital strategy, you may be missing a big slice of the pie.

3D Photos

Since Facebook launched 3D photos last fall, we’ve slowly seen users and marketers utilize this new tool to share experiences with others. 3D photos can now be shared on your newsfeed and in your stories to gain even more reach. This is just another new creative tool that marketers can use to elevate their brand and interact with their audience.

If you’re new to advertising through Facebook or other social media platforms, it’s helpful to know that they are constantly evolving. Facebook just announced a variety of changes that the platform will undergo this year including new updates to business and ad manager, different bid options, and changes to our newsfeed. It’s important to always stay up to date on new additions so you can get the best ROI on your digital ads.


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