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Maintaining Key Relationships During the Summer

As an advocate, you might’ve noticed a drop-off in the interaction between legislators, association members, or clients during the summer months. As the session winds down and comes to an end, the pace around the capital also slows down. With kids out of school and families going on summer vacation, it becomes more difficult to get face time with many clients. Limited face-to-face interaction can leave clients feeling under-appreciated.

These 3 strategies are key to letting your clients know you value your relationship year-round.


An important saying to remember: “out of sight out of mind”. If you're not being seen, then at least be heard. It’s important to stay in contact with clients and members during slower months. One efficient and easy way to do this is through a regular email blast. This can be as simple as updating members on what is going on around the capitol or about any relevant news articles or industry-related news that might be beneficial for them to know.

This will show you’re invested in the relationship and ensure you’re staying at the forefront of your their minds.

Keep in mind that email blasts do not always warrant a response. Engage your recipients by asking their opinions and what they’d like to see more of.


Not only is this a fun way to stay involved, attending events are a great way to network. Stay up to date on any charity functions, networking events or association lunches. These can present great opportunities for you to invite clients or association members, giving you more time to build upon your relationships.


Invite your clients or association members to lunch. This is a good way to develop a more personal relationship and can be less formal.

While it’s a good rule of thumb to use these tactics year-round, they are critical to use during slower times of the year when interaction might be more limited.


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