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Online Fundraising 101

Whether it be a non-profit, advocacy, or political campaign, money is the main driving force. Without donations, the impact of any campaign can be diminished.

Today there are several avenues that make it easy for you to raise money, the main being through online efforts. Online fundraising makes it easy for anyone to donate quickly anywhere.

Where do you get started? How do you know which is the best platform to use? Is it free? How do you lead people to donate? These are all questions we can answer for you to help get your campaign off to a good start.


Raise the Money

Raise the Money is a one-stop fundraising platform that combines fundraising, financial reporting, mass emailing and crowdfunding in one hub to make it user-friendly. The fee for this platform is 4.9% of funds raised plus a .25 cents per transaction.


Anedot is another non-partisan fundraising platform that offers a free version. If you need to upgrade to the paid version, it is 4% of funds raised plus. 30 cents per transaction. Anedot also lets you customize your donation page so that all branding is consistent.


Revv Fundraising Platform is another non-partisan fundraising platform that can be used for non-profits, political campaigns, and advocacy causes. A major plus side of this platform is that it recognizes anyone who has donated using Revv before, allowing a one-click donation process for higher conversion rates. The fee for this platform is 4% plus 30 cents per transaction.

How to get people to donate?

You’ve set up your online fundraising platform and you’re ready to start accepting donations. But how do people know where to donate?

Sharing a link to your donation site on social media would be the first step. If you have less than 2,000 fans on your Facebook page, you will have to share a direct link to your contribution form in a post.

Do you have an email list? Another easy way to spread awareness and push people to your donation site is by using an email service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to share your donation link.

QR codes are also helpful for promotion on print products. By taking a photo of the QR code, people can get directed automatically to the donation site without having to type in a link.

Things to keep in mind..

How quickly does it take for someone to donate? How many steps are there for this process? Keep it simple. The fewer steps and buttons someone has to go through, the chances they are willing to donate is higher.

Make sure your donation site is mobile-friendly so that people can easily access your form and complete a donation in seconds.

Always keep promoting your campaign to optimize your donations until your goal is reached.


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