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What You Need to Know: Apple's New Update Can Impact Your Email Strategy

Once again, Apple has announced another update to iOS that could impact your online fundraising efforts and email marketing strategy. This newest update is scheduled to roll out in early fall.

Mail Privacy Protection

The new IOS update will now allow users to load remote content privately and not disclose their IP addresses. What does this mean? This ultimately means that if a user chooses to opt into the mail privacy protection feature, your campaign or business will not be able to track open rates.

However, email users opening email on desktops or laptops will be trackable. It’s important to note that Mobile opens account for 46 percent of all email opens.

Campaigns, businesses, and organizations have used open rates to track who is opening their emails and who is regularly engaging with their content. Click rates and conversions, the more important metrics, will still be tracked.

Hide My Email

Another feature of the new Apple iOS15 mail update is that users can now choose to hide their email addresses from marketers. If a user opts to use this new feature, they can sign up for an email list or offer with a different email created by Apple. Apple then forwards the offer to the user’s actual email address. This feature was created to help prevent user’s emails from being spread across multiple channels. These temporary emails can be deleted at any time.

Marketers and fundraisers can anticipate a few problems with this update. It will be impossible to keep track of new email signups are legitimate emails or if they are temporary ones created by Apple. This will create difficulty in maintaining healthy and buildable email lists.

This update is scheduled to be available to iPhone users this fall, so it’s important to look at what data you have available now to help you determine the best delivery times and subject lines that work best for your email marketing strategy.

JCD Consulting in Little Rock is always staying up-to-date on all of the newest updates and changes to the digital world that may impact your business or political campaign.

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