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Not only was this a dwindling source of revenue, but it was attempting to fund an outdated system that included 127 Public Service Answering Points (PSAP’s) across the state. The goal of the County Judges was to find a sustainable funding source for 911, utilize technology to lower the number of PSAP’s, and implement Next Generation 911 (NG911) in each county.


Changing anything in government is challenging. Finding sustainable funding can be even harder. By working with the County Judges and the Arkansas Association of Counties, we were able to create a common-sense reform package that addressed their concerns in a transparent and accountable manner and was something that could pass through the legislative process.


The final proposal involved reducing the number of PSAP’s to 77, getting cellphone and prepaid calling fees on par with those on landlines, and upgrading equipment to fit with NG911 software. NG911 allows an individual to immediately be located upon the 911 call being placed and puts all first responders on the same network, making communication easier and improving response times.


Passing both chambers with a supermajority, ACT660 creates efficiencies and improves technology in 911 service so Arkansas will be better prepared to respond to a citizen in need of help. This law will create efficiencies and improve technology in 911 service so our state will be better prepared to respond to a citizen in need of help.

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