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Our firm has played a role in over 65% of the campaigns of current Arkansas Legislators. In this capacity, we have acted as advisor, strategist, advertiser, and printer. Some of the highlights include the following case studies.

2018 State Senate Primaries: Our firm was hired by both at the time State Representatives James Sturch and Bob Ballinger to take on two incumbent State Senators. Both incumbents were thought to be entrenched conservatives who would be hard to defeat. With our guidance, both clients pulled off impressive victories and still sit in the State Senate today.

House District 38: This district is considered one of the most legitimate toss-up seats in the entire country and includes parts of North Little Rock and Sherwood. While most candidates in a toss-up district feel the need to run negative campaigns, Carlton Wing hired JCD to message a campaign focused around the motto “Let’s Work Together!” During his first campaign in 2016, Donald Trump received 38.34% of the vote in Pulaski County, Wing won his district with 52.05%. With our help, Wing went on to win re-election in both 2018 and 2020.

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JCD Consulting was hired to help the Train Saline Stay Saline campaign with their efforts to pass a temporary 3/8ths of one cent sales tax to fund the creation of a Saline County Career and Technical Education Center.

JCD developed a strategy using consistent messaging to target likely voters in Saline County by combining traditional and digital strategies.

  • Direct Mail

  • Social Media management and advertising

  • Website Development

  • Branding

On election day in November 2018, the issue passed.

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JCD Consulting was hired to help Congressman Bruce Westerman's 2018 reelection campaign by utilizing social media to boost his reach and presence within Arkansas's fourth congressional district.


JCD developed graphics and implemented a social media plan that would remain uniform with his direct mail strategy to maintain consistent messaging throughout the course of the campaign.


Congressman Westerman was reelected in both the primary and general elections in 2018.



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JCD Consulting was hired to help Congressman Crawford's campaign in 2019 to boost the campaign's reach and presence within Arkansas's first congressional district and to deter any opposition.

Congressman Crawford ran unopposed in the 2020 primary and general elections.

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