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COVID-19 Forced Us to Think Digitally

Before COVID-19, many businesses and organizations neglected to see the value of digital marketing and social media upkeep. For them, it was more about emphasizing face-to-face interactions with their customers or members.

As we all know now, that has dramatically changed. With businesses and organizations forced to close or halt meetings, the opportunity for face-to-face communication ceased. The businesses who were no strangers to social media management thrived, but for those who put social on the back burner found themselves switching gears to adapt and reevaluate their digital tactics.

If you are a small business owner or an organization, you must be communicating with your audience online. Communication is key, here’s why:

Share important information

When your doors start closing, you need to communicate those changes with your audience. Just like everyone during this unprecedented time, customers have a lot of questions. Will you be continuing your sales through curbside pick up? Can you order online? Do you have certain products in stock? When will you be opening up? What sort of restrictions will you have in place when you open?

These are all easy questions to answer and communicate online.

Business As Usual

We saw many businesses succeed in maintaining business as usual through digital platforms. Restaurants with online ordering capabilities already in place were able to adapt swiftly and facilitate those orders without any kinks. Those who never considered digital ordering had a more difficult and lengthy time.

Any hindrance to a customer’s online experience such as a faulty digital ordering system or a non-mobile-friendly website can cost you business.

Customer Service

One way to ensure your customers are happy and staying satisfied is through social media listening and managing when complaints come in. When people are dissatisfied with a service, they are not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. If your business notices a complaint online, you can easily reach out to the customer to remedy the experience in a public way.

This pandemic brought many things to light and reinforced how important an online presence is to a business’s survival.


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