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Five Ways to Improve Your Subject Lines

How many emails do you wake up to every morning? For a typical American, it’s not uncommon to see 15+ unopened emails waiting in your inbox before starting your day.

Our email inboxes have become cluttered with messages begging for attention. How do you ensure your email breaks through the clutter and takes the attention away from another competing email?

The key to improving your open rates: having an enticing email subject line.

Subject lines are the first thing you notice in your inbox. It gives you the first clue as to whether or not the email is worth your time opening. In fact, 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.

Before hitting the send button on your next email, review these simple tactics to create the best eye-catching email subject lines:

Less is More

With 56% of emails getting read on iPhones or in Gmail, people are constantly bombarded with emails, videos, texts, pictures all at the touch of their hands. The amount of attention and time it takes to read lengthy sentences is a struggle.

Keep your email subject clear and succinct with as few words as possible.

Ask Questions

Questions are a good way to spark curiosity and grab attention because they cause the reader to pause and think of a possible answer.

Highlight Timeliness and Importance

Create a sense of urgency that prompts the reader to act in that moment. Examples: “Only a few hours left”, “Don’t miss your chance” or “Today is the last day”.

Lists Recipients love to learn and lists are a good way to format emails in an easy-to-read format. Lists in subject lines like “5 new updates we adding” can draw a recipient into opening your email by having them wanting to learn more.

What Can You Do for Them?

Why does someone want to open your email? Are you offering them a discount or an opportunity? Let them know upfront in your subject line.

Remember, a good way to improve your open rates to see what works best is to do AB testing. Send two different subject lines to segments of your audience to see which one performs better. Over time you will begin to see a pattern.

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