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The average person receives about 121 emails per day. How do you get your message to stand out? Many factors are at play when it comes to creating a successful email campaign and you can start by avoiding these common mistakes.

Deceptive subject lines:

The goal of any email campaign is to not only get people to open your message but to follow through with your call to action. In an age when people’s inboxes are flooded with spam every hour, the pressure to stand out is high. You might feel the need to write a catchy, vague subject line to peak your audience. Don’t do it.

Research has shown that people who open these emails with “click-bait” subject lines might have high open rates, but they have low click rates. If your content doesn’t match your subject line, then supporters can feel duped. Be upfront with your audience. You’ll tend to see better results that help your end goal.

Only asking for money:

Don’t you just love when someone asks you for money every time they see you? No? We don’t either. No one likes to be berated with asks. Don’t just ask for donations; offer quality content so that your audience feels like they are getting something in return.

When writing content for your email campaigns, try to think about your supporters and what they would want to hear.

Not making your call to action stand out:

One of the biggest mistakes you could make in your email campaign is burying your call to action. Be sure to make your call to action bold and stand out so your supporters can quickly.

Crafting lengthy emails:

More than 40% of people open emails on their smartphones, which means they are usually on the go or multitasking. Long emails won’t retain your supporter’s attention. Be short and concise with your information and provide links to help them make a decision easily.

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