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Political Direct Mail in Arkansas 2022 : Case Studies

Coming from a state where direct mail dominates campaign advertising, our firm has naturally continued to grow our direct mail services. During the 2022 cycle, Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor, The Republican Party of Arkansas, Congressman Rick Crawford, and many others all placed their confidence in JCD Consulting to help get their message to their voters.

Between the primary and general elections this cycle, JCD Consulting proudly designed and sent a total of 287 separate mail pieces for 58 different clients. Our team carefully crafts a message tailored for each candidate in their specific district. Designs are thoughtfully created with the entire campaign in mind. Every mail piece that leaves our office is carefully edited and reviewed.

It’s one thing to design and send direct mail but ensuring they land in the right mailboxes with a message that will move a specific voter is key to our success at JCD Consulting. When targeting voters, our firm thoroughly combs through voter data to find the most likely voter for each candidate.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor

Sarah Huckabee Sanders entrusted our firm to handle direct mail for her campaign for Arkansas Governor.

This piece, which came from the Republican Party of Arkansas, was part of a series of mailers targeted to low propensity/shore up voters in our data, highlighting what campaign research showed would motivate these voters to show up and cast their ballot. Good schools, lower taxes, and higher-paying jobs were all key issues during the campaign and are featured on the front of this piece, along with a photo of Governor Sanders and 2 of her children.

We included the QR code so people could easily access her website to learn more about her views on these issues. Throughout early voting and election day, we saw an increase in turnout from these voters.

We targeted this Primary piece to hit while a similar messaged ad ran on TV. The message capitalized on skyrocketing inflation that was dominating the news cycle. We chose a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders walking with former President Trump, whose approval ratings remain high in the state. We coupled that with Sander’s plan to boost Arkansas’s economy.

On the back of the piece, our team juxtaposed Sarah’s plans against Biden, who had a 62% unfavorable rate in Arkansas. The quote used to describe inflation as a “pay cut” was also used in the running TV ad, imaging rising gas prices as a reminder of the costs of Biden’s policies.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders won her Primary for Governor with over 83% and the General Election with 63%.

Patrick Deakins for Washington County Judge

In a very tight race for Washington County Judge in a growing left-leaning county in Arkansas, our Republican candidate Patrick Deakins defeated his opponent in the Republican Primary. Washington County is becoming more inundated with left-leaning voters and ideals, so our firm knew we had to make a clear difference between the left-wing leaders and our candidate, Patrick Deakins.

Because this was a Republican Primary, we just had to have the best message that Republicans would rally behind - so we chose to contrast Deakins against the liberal leaders of Washington D.C. and compared them to the liberal views of Washington County. This led to the phrase “I won’t let their Washington D.C. become our Washington County.”

For the design, we added the top left leaders in black and white to contrast our candidate in full bright color. With our help, Patrick Deakins was able to ultimately win his race for Washington County Judge in the 2022 general Election, receiving more votes within the county than the top of the Republican ticket.

Crawford for Congress

Congressman Rick Crawford had two Republican challengers in the 2022 primary, one being a well-known State Representative. Congressman Crawford has served more than a decade in office and is a senior member of the House Intelligence Committee - which ultimately gives him a multitude of experiences to highlight.

Our firm worked with Congressman Crawford’s team to help showcase his record and to highlight his experience on the House Intelligence Committee by focusing on border security. Being a hot-button issue for Republicans in Arkansas, we chose to highlight his security plan in concise points. Hitting hard at the Biden Administration for their failures at the border which was heavily in the news cycle at the time.

For the next mail piece, we chose to contrast Crawford with the liberal leaders of Washington D.C. and how Crawford is fighting back against the policies that hurt Arkansans.

For the design, we added top liberal leaders in black and white to contrast our candidate in full bright color. We contrasted their policies: spiking inflation, open borders, election fraud, and soaring national debt to Crawford’s record of “fighting back.” After research and polling, our firm knew that the top issues Republicans prioritize in his district were the economy, border security, pro-life policies and protecting the second amendment. With our help, Congressman Crawford beat both challengers with 73% of the vote.

Congressman Crawford beat both challengers with 73% of the vote, surpassing expectations.

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